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Stepping Stool

A step stool designed for small domestic kitchens with storage in high places and a lack of seating.


The stool has a unique slide and lock mechanism that transforms the seat into a handle. Keeping the manual action at waist height means there is no bending down for the user.

The prototype stool was first exhibited with Hidden Art at the Milan Salone Satellite in 2010.


Constructed from 15mm and 18mm plywood with a high-pressure laminate finish on both sides. The side panels, brackets and steps are CNC machined out, slotted and glued together with 9mm and 30mm dowel struts. The nylon runners are turned on a lathe and the seat is post-formed plywood.




Self-initiated / prototype


Birch plywood / beech dowel

Additional info

Size: W36 x D41 x H76cm


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