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Shuffle Desk Tidy

A ceramic and wood stacking modular storage solution for tabletop items, ideal for stationery, accessories, jewellery and make up.


The stacking cylinders can be divided into separate containers using the wooden bases enabling you to create individual configurations. 


The Shuffle Desk Tidy includes six earthenware cylinders, six removable ash wood bases and an ash wood plinth.

The Shuffle Desk Tidy is part of our homeware collection manufactured by Royal Stafford in Stoke-on-Trent, UK.



Manufactured by

Royal Stafford


Earthenware / ash wood

Additional info

Size when three cylinders are stacked W36.7 x D9.8 x H17cm

Plinth and discs are treated with a hard-wax oil finish

Ceramics are dishwasher safe

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