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Olympic Set

A collection of clear-glazed earthenware products with striking ceramic decal transfers.


The set includes a teapot, two tea cups, two coasters, three small storage pots and one large storage pot with interchangeable lids.

Designed to be functional and playful this unique stacking set incorporates the dynamic movement of athletes against a background of bold graphic shapes taking reference from the Bauhaus period of art and design. 






Earthenware / decal transfers

Additional info

Teapot size: H19.2 x W9.6 x D25cm

Tea cup size: H5 x W9.6 x D12.2cm

Coaster size: H1.8 x W9.6 x D9.6cm

Small storage pot size: H8.7 x W9.6 x D9.6cm

Large storage pot size: H33 x W9.6 x D9.6cm

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