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Mobile Storage Units

A family of interactive storage units designed for a London based nursery group.  

By positioning the units side by side they can also be used as room dividers. The house shaped units create the look of a terraced street when grouped together.

Using the circular handles provided, the units can be moved by an adult by lifting and pulling at one end.

To achieve a low centre of gravity, ball castors and rubber feet have been fitted underneath the units at either end. This ensures that when stationary the units cannot be easily pushed by a small child.  

Each unit is constructed from 15mm birch plywood providing a minimal uniform aesthetic. Colour laminates have been applied to the rear perforated panels on selected units.




Kennedy Woods Architecture


Birch plywood

Additional info

Browser box: H31.5 x W80 x D43.5cm

Art station unit: H80 x W80 x D43.5cm

House storage unit: H80 x W80 x D43.5cm

Tall trapezoid storage unit: H80 x W80 x D43.5cm

Low trapezoid storage unit: H40 x W80 x D43.5cm

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